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Animation software, with sound effects & green-screening... for children, adults and schools.
Zu3D Animation Kit

Zu3D Animation Kit

Everything you need to get animating on one computer (also includes iPad Licence).

£39.99ex. VAT
Zu3D Animation Kit - iPad Only

Zu3D Animation Kit - iPad Only

Everything you need to get started animating using an iPad.

£20.49ex. VAT
Zu3D Complete Home Licence

Zu3D Complete Home Licence

Use Zu3D at home, buy a licence for one, two or three computers.

ex. VAT
  • Features

  • Capture images from webcam
  • Speed up and slow down your film
  • Playback your film at any time
  • Delete frames at any time
  • Onion Skinning (unlimited layers)
  • Import sound effects and music
  • Record narration
  • Unlimited layers of audio
  • Extended library of sound effects and music
  • Titles and Credits
  • Import video
  • Import images
  • Export as MP4
  • Upload to the Zu3D online gallery
  • Timelapse
  • Speech bubbles
  • Automatic green-screening / chroma Key
  • Create hand drawn animations
  • Draw onto captured frames
  • Rig-removal / magic rubber
  • Unlimited layers of video
  • Remote Camera App (iOS devices)