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All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

LEGO Spiderman s1 trailer

S1 trailer, full episode coming soon


This is my first attempt at making a short film. I have had loads of fun doing this.

Alien Invasion by HM and ND

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Pirates And Hedgehogs

A treasure seeking hedgehog finds his fortune!

Merry Christmas by Calum

A Playmobil Movie!

Island escape

Adventure on an island

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This is my first proper animation. More coming soon!


Haunted Adventure

Mine Quest

A Lego film made by a small group of Y6 children. They wrote the story, designed the characters, made the backgrounds and wrote script.

Space Wars

A adventure of a boy who fights evil and takes back the night.

shark attack

A fun underwater adventure starring the fish, a shark and a stingray.

Adventure of T

T has a great adventure!


Enjoy the short adventure of Sam and JF

Adventures Of T 3 Chained Up

T is playing about but become the ice god!

LEGO Doctor Who Adventures - Part 1

In an alternate universe, the 12th/13th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has regenerated. Watch the adventure of the 13th/14th Doctor in his bigger on the inside Time Machine! Part 2 coming soon!

James Bond

James Bond is finding clues to find out who broke out of jail.


A film with diferent films in it

The lego movie

A robber tries to get away but his car is broken.He needs to build it. When he does his plan fails and the police catch him!

Sir Galiant

Sir Galiant Saves the princess from the evil wizard.

Marina the mermaid

Marina the mermaid - part 1 of the adventure

ThePlaymobil Sea Adventure

This is Ruby's first stop motion It is a Playmobil Sea Adventure.

The magic rocking horse

A girl and a dog find a rocking horse - they have no idea what lies ahead.

Chase A Car 4

In this adventure the sky is the limit!

An Adventure

Hi, our names are Tom, Joe and Ryo. Did this in about an hour of work so not the best animation in the world! :)