Create amazing movies
All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

A Peaceful Home

Bob double-crossed the Mafia and now they want revenge.

Adventures Of T 2 Green Ninja

Lloyd Garmadon tries to drink coffee but he's under arrest so he becomes the green ninja and trys to get another chance on drinking coffee, PLAY ON!

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This is my first proper animation. More coming soon!


Spiderman has to defeat the Emperor (star wars) to stop minifigs from turning evil

Arctic Adventure

Sid the seal gets seperated from his Mum

Lillie, lili

An amazing adventure for a man who meets a sea monster and wants to kill him !!!

Alien Invasion by HM and ND

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Doctor Who - The Dalek Plan

The 12th Doctor and Clara find themselves tangled in a Dalek plan. Plus trailer for next adventure after the credits.

Good Job (from the maze runner)

From The maze runner, only jut got Zu3D so plz don't judge, more TMR vids coming soon

Nadia by Sarah Rambhatla

This is a adventures movie about a girl who finds two magic diamonds.

Gundam Stop Animation

Non stop animation with music, sound, and yeah...

Sir Galiant

Sir Galiant Saves the princess from the evil wizard.

alien invasion by hm and nd

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

The fight for the orb

Made entirely by Rhianwe, age 10, the film is about a fight to get hold of the mystical orb, which changes into a scary creature!

Medieval battle

Medieval knights

Lego Camping

Some men decide to stay a night in the forest. I wonder what will happen there?

Robberies through the ages: The future

The last video of the Robberies through the ages series.

The magic rocking horse

A girl and a dog find a rocking horse - they have no idea what lies ahead.

Hovering Baby

Baby Fall's and Superman saves him...

Bank Robbery

Just watch!

Run for your life

Made by Dean, Eddie and Dan


Haunted Adventure

Space Wars

A adventure of a boy who fights evil and takes back the night.