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Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

Lillie, lili

An amazing adventure for a man who meets a sea monster and wants to kill him !!!

Adventures Of T 2 Green Ninja

Lloyd Garmadon tries to drink coffee but he's under arrest so he becomes the green ninja and trys to get another chance on drinking coffee, PLAY ON!


Enjoy the short adventure of Sam and JF

Sir Galiant

Sir Galiant Saves the princess from the evil wizard.

Robberies through the ages: The future

The last video of the Robberies through the ages series.

Flood Escape

People have been teleported to escape an evil test but they don't know who! They all try to escape in this action packed adventure!

The Monster

A thrilling tale

Merry Christmas by Calum

A Playmobil Movie!

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This is my first proper animation. More coming soon!

Gundam Stop Animation

Non stop animation with music, sound, and yeah...

Hovering Baby

Baby Fall's and Superman saves him...

Coastguard Saves the Day

Lego City Coastguard Animation by Tom, aged 12.

Adventures Of T 3 Chained Up

T is playing about but become the ice god!

Lego adventure

Two adventurers discover the staff of healing

Medieval battle

Medieval knights

Good Job (from the maze runner)

From The maze runner, only jut got Zu3D so plz don't judge, more TMR vids coming soon

Book adventure

A bit of a dodgy annimation the lighting is too but I think its ok so please rate and comment

Lego Avengers-1

Watch as the Avengers comes in lego version! Brought to you by creaters AlexFulk87 and Evan Johnson.

Adventure of T

T has a great adventure!

Bank Robbery

Just watch!

The Myth of Cuzco

An animated version of the Incan Myth of Manco Capac.

Chase A Car 4

In this adventure the sky is the limit!

ThePlaymobil Sea Adventure

This is Ruby's first stop motion It is a Playmobil Sea Adventure.

LEGO atlantis Quest For the Golden KING

About 4 divers who go on a perolous mission to uncover the golden king of atlantis