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All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

Get him quick

A funny, interesting film about someone sneaky.

Lillie, lili

An amazing adventure for a man who meets a sea monster and wants to kill him !!!

Sir Galiant

Sir Galiant Saves the princess from the evil wizard.


Enjoy the short adventure of Sam and JF

Escape The Arena

Dante, Ulisse, Chell and amy have to escape the arena

An Adventure

Hi, our names are Tom, Joe and Ryo. Did this in about an hour of work so not the best animation in the world! :)

The Monster

A thrilling tale


Enjoy the short adventure of Sam and JF

Adventure of T

T has a great adventure!

Pirates And Hedgehogs

A treasure seeking hedgehog finds his fortune!

Coastguard Saves the Day

Lego City Coastguard Animation by Tom, aged 12.


Flight of the dragon

Island escape

Adventure on an island

Cloud And Brandy In The Escape

Cloud and brandy in the escape


This is my first attempt at making a short film. I have had loads of fun doing this.

Jurassic Park

The first part of an epic adventure including dinosaurs and other epic fings . It is suitable for children.

Alien Attack

Five brave astronaughts travel to an unknown world. Only one return...

Hovering Baby

Baby Fall's and Superman saves him...

The magic rocking horse

A girl and a dog find a rocking horse - they have no idea what lies ahead.

The Unwanted

It is a funny film full of weirdness and adventure

LEGO atlantis Quest For the Golden KING

About 4 divers who go on a perolous mission to uncover the golden king of atlantis

Good Job (from the maze runner)

From The maze runner, only jut got Zu3D so plz don't judge, more TMR vids coming soon

shark attack

A fun underwater adventure starring the fish, a shark and a stingray.

Lego Avengers-1

Watch as the Avengers comes in lego version! Brought to you by creaters AlexFulk87 and Evan Johnson.

Lego adventure

Two adventurers discover the staff of healing