Create amazing movies
Easy to use, powerful stop-motion animation software

Create Animations

Get animating quickly by capturing frames from your webcam, iPad camera or your phone/tablet.

You can play your film back at any time to see how you are getting on and adjust the speed (frame rate) of your film at any point, or adjust the speed of an individual clip to create slow-motion effects or fast action parts.

If you make a mistake you can easily delete frames at any point.

Add and Record Sound

Zu3D comes with a library of music and sound effects which you can add to your film, or use your own sound files.

You can also record directly into Zu3D. To add dialogue, narrate a story or explain a topic.

Titles, Credits & Text

Use Zu3D's Title editor to add titles and credits to your film. You will find a wide range of different text styles or easily create your own. Choose how the text enters and exits your film - will it spin, in zoom in or fade in? Change the background of your text to one of the Zu3D pictures, or browse for your own. Easily create chapter headings and subtitles as well.

Green Screening

You can use multiple Chroma Keys in Zu3D, to remove the background of your film and replace with a picture or a video. 

Unlimited video tracks means you can also add a foreground.

Find out more on our Green Screening Page.

Drawing Tools

Enhance your animation with the drawing tools; for example add special effects or drawing tools.

Or create a drawn animation using the drawing tools and 'copy to next frame' button

Rig Removal

The 'Magic Rubber' allows you to erase strings or rigs or mistakenly placed hands. Choose a source frame that contains the same picture without the 'rig' and use the rubber to paint this over the frame with the rig. Excellent for making things fly.



Speech Bubbles

Choose from a variety of different speech bubble styles and add an extra dimension to your movie. 


Easily set Zu3D to capture a picture at regular time intervals to create an impressive film. seeds growing, clouds floating or ice melting. Use Zu3D video editing features and Titles and credits to create a complete films.

Remote Camera App*

The Zu3D Remote Camera App is a free iOS App that lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a webcam to capture your images. It also allows you to easily to transfer videos from your iPad to your computer (even if you don't want to use them in Zu3D)

*Windows versions only

Multiple layers of video

In Zu3D you can have unlimited layers of video. This allows for different films to be combined to create some amazing effects.

Automagic Frame Capture

Zu3D can automatically take a frame every time your hand leaves the shot!

Watch this video to see it in action.