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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



polices dont help!

crazy polices|~|crazy,fun


hg m


sorryy for the bad lighting im new

Lego Nazi Zombies The Begining

It is awesome you will love it

The Hairdressers

A person goes to the hairdressers.. but what new hairstyle will he get?

Lego Sporty Bloopers

Look at ? sports!


My Technic Lego Digger

Custom LEGO Weapons part 1

In this Custom LEGO Weapons series there are many different types of LEGO weapons. Come back later to see episode 2,3, etc.!!

Random Legos Dudes

Here is my second animation please enjoy!


This is about a guy who gets attacked by some bad guys and builds a hovercraft to fight them.

Bank robbery part 2

Another Lego video by Pizzafillms!

Hunting With Bo Bo

Its about hunting

Braden 3

Lego class animation



Super Man 1

Cool super man based lego film by tyler

The Invasion of Jakku

Captain Phasma leads the stormtroopers to invade a rebel base on Jakku.


The firemen do their job but they don't do it very well.

dragons and lions clash

lego knights animation

The Trenches Lego

Here is my first attenpt at Zu3D

Lego Lighthouse Construction

Building a lego lighthouse in bits

Lego Fight

A lego fight

What Was That?

Here is my first uploded film please exuse the hands i could not delete them.

LEGO quest

Two lego people lose their ball, will they get it back?


I was bored, I make this, give me cheeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzburger

Building A Car

A little lego man is going to show you how to bulid a car. But you will need the right pieces!, but they dont have to be the same colour as mine.