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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



polices dont help!

crazy polices|~|crazy,fun


sorryy for the bad lighting im new


hg m

BATMAN AND the sidekick vitruvius

batman V vitrivius from the Lego Movie


I was bored, I make this, give me cheeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzburger


My Technic Lego Digger

Crazy Golf

A funny and short lego animation

Lego City Casual Day

Just an another day for the citizens of Lego City

All for a Bucket of Water

by Toby, Bethany an Milly at Broadlands Primary School

Dun Dun Dun !!!!!!

First lego invasion movie

Walking Lego Man

I Lego man walking across a desk.


The first animation by the winter family xmas 2014

Bluetack Attack

A short horror tale of an unfortunate chap who happens upon a dangerous blob.

The King Of The Jungle

The king of the jungle is ruling the jungle when suddenly his arch enemy mavis monkey shows up!

Lego Stories

Fun and all made by lego!

Batman Rescue

Our first video

The Windmill

Crazy Golf

Lego Black widow trailer

This is the trailer of a lego Marvel film that I have started making. Please watch my other videos and comment!!! Also, thanks to candelight productions for making me start making movies!

Alex: The Beginning

A boy called Alex becoming a spy. The first of a series of videos. For more of my great animations please go to:

THE ultimate lightsaber duel

this is THE ultimate duel between good and evil with bad camera focus ;)

Otis Vid

Penguin's Rail Journey


This is a short animation i made

The EPIC Battle

LEGO Friends vs LEGO Bad Guys p.s there are boy good guys

The Ghost

Someone finds out the power of ghosts... (this is my first animation)