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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Cargo Truck Build

Lego Cargo Lorry set being built by itself. For more films by me see

Lego Studio

Lego Studios for Christmas

Emma og Gustav

Here is a little movie maked by childrens in the age of 8. the movie is on danish, and is called Plus Plusserne

Zane's Revenge

Zane Finds Kai Is Trapped So He Saves Him, Loses The Fang Blade And Drowns Trying To Escape. Very Unfortunate For Him

The Mummy Movie

A explorer discovers the tomb of Tutankahmun

dragons and lions clash

lego knights animation

battle field x NO ONE WILL SURVIVE

please leave a comment below and checkout this youtuber called michael hickox i was inspired by him ;)

Lego Siries Episode Three The Dalek Invasion Part 1

The daleks plan to invade lego City

Lloyd vs. Ultra Dragon

A LIM2003 and CAM2005 production

Lego Fight

Lego Fight

Lego Fight

A lego fight

Trap Of Lego

Random? Random!


A showreel of some of the great films that have been shared on the Zu3D gallery.

LEGO Knight VS Evil Queen

LEGO Knight rescues evil queen (without knowing that she's a villian)and he meets YODA!!!

Eris Eagle Interceptor

Razar and Rizzo have a bad day!

Lego City

Fire and demolition in Lego City

Lasha's coffee shop!

Lasha has a coffee shop and there's Lasha and his friend, Slithraa being defeated and much more so, ENJOY!!!

Amazong lego

Bit funny

Lego building

Building comes to life

Bank robbery part 2

Another Lego video by Pizzafillms!


Please comment below and checkout my other films ;)

Lego Avengers-2

The Lego Avengers are back!

The EPIC Battle

LEGO Friends vs LEGO Bad Guys p.s there are boy good guys

Ah! Monsters

A scary lego movie filled with dead spirits

London Olympics 2012

Year 2 animation about the London Olympics 2012

Custom Lego Weapons Episode 2

This is the next episode of the hit sierise Custom Lego Weapons...By Pyle Production Films

Doomsday fight

Two men get into a fight

Lego Fight!

A fight!!

lego fight a comedy show

very funny and has some hand but still a very good show