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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



polices dont help!

crazy polices|~|crazy,fun

the boggan family episode 1

Ever wanted to see life-like Lego with facial features moving? Then keep on watching Lewis, Finley, Arthur and Andrew Boggan at lfkpics.

Dance Of Lego 3

Comment below! Hope the hack disappears soon!!

American Dream by Joseph Jin

American Dream for average people

The Penalty

Missed again

Getting Mugged 3

This time the 2 collect a whole army. And fight for the most deadly weapons of all time.

All for a Bucket of Water

by Toby and Milly

Lego Stories

Fun and all made by lego!

Doctor Who Ep1


Sweet Shop And Arcade MOC #1

This is my new account guys for doing reviews. Of course lfkpics will still be doing animation at least once a month. This is the first building in the new lego ciy briklyn.Keep checking both my accounts for more videos.

Lego 3

Watch this. EPIC

The LockDown

Watch its awssommeeee

Lego Fight

A man keeps getting arrested but he beats the first police man but will he defeat the rest????

Lego City

Fire and demolition in Lego City


I have added a new series of asdf movies on zu3d for any fans!!!

Alpha Zombies

This an animation about a recruit in an alpha zombies world struggling to survive.


Factory Fire

Super Man 1

Cool super man based lego film by tyler

Robberies through the ages: The Past

The first of three videos in the series: robberies through the ages. This one is the past. It is about a robber breaking into a bank. It is set in cowboy times. Please rate and comment below. For more of my great animations, please go to:

Lasha's coffee shop!

Lasha has a coffee shop and there's Lasha and his friend, Slithraa being defeated and much more so, ENJOY!!!

Lagravis's Journey

Lagravis is on a journey but Crawley, robotic dude, Razcal and king Crominus thought he had complete skill!

The Claw Machine

A man keeps losing a game and finally wins, what will happen next.

Lego star wars who can make the best costume

Four clones trying to come up with the best costume aka new amore

Crazy Golf

A funny and short lego animation

BATMAN AND the sidekick vitruvius

batman V vitrivius from the Lego Movie