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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



Lego City Casual Day

Just an another day for the citizens of Lego City

Alex: The Beginning

A boy called Alex becoming a spy. The first of a series of videos. For more of my great animations please go to:

The Mutant Part 1

The super soilder project has begun

Lego James Bond Returns!!!

Lego Bond is back and this time he's fighting Jaws!!! Thanks for watching my other videos and there are more coming soon!

The Birthday Party

People throw a party for a child but what will happen in the party????

Zu3d james bond lego trooper

This trooper is like James Bond!

Lego Harry Potter Parody

Funny harry potter video

Angry Larry

It is funny

Angry Larry

Please put a reviews

Lego Animations



Slow Mo of a lego motorcycle crashing into various lego objects.

Western Test

This is just me messing around with my film kit.... my animation shall improve as i find a new lamp

Hulk Smash!!!

Hulk smashes stuff.

Prinsessen Og Dragen

En film af Younas, Peter og Mehmet


This short film is about Bob (halo dude) trying to upgrade his armour but to do that he has to prove to Bill he can (another Halo dude) that he can fight.

LEGO Iron Man- Jarvis

Jarvis is Iron Man's faithful artificial intelligence, but he isn't exactly perfect...

A day in the life of the invisible man

You know who he is, what his power is, now here's a day in his life!

The Carrot

A person finds a carrot but everyone wants it but what will they do to get it.????

Star Wars

Clone trooper surprise!

Jedi Fight

A fight between a jedi and genaral grievouse

My First Test Of This App

This is my firstever nimation on this app but i will be working on a big animation that i probably upload next year thanks for watching

The Invasion of Jakku

Captain Phasma leads the stormtroopers to invade a rebel base on Jakku.


Thank you note for B.L.O