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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



polices dont help!

crazy polices|~|crazy,fun


sorryy for the bad lighting im new


this is my frest thing so it is not so good


hg m

dragons and lions clash

lego knights animation

Lego Sporty Bloopers

Look at ? sports!


The firemen do their job but they don't do it very well.

weapon store 3

chewbacca asks for a SWORD but will he get one????....

The Lego Show#1

its about when a zombie attacks the show


una battaglia davanti la porta di ishtar

A Day Out

This is about a man going to the shops and seeing his friends we hope you enjoy.

Custom LEGO Weapons part 1

In this Custom LEGO Weapons series there are many different types of LEGO weapons. Come back later to see episode 2,3, etc.!!

Winter Special

It is a winter special.


This is my first ever animation so give me a chance

Obi Wan Vs Anakin And Sith Assasin

A short video of obi wan killing anakin for the second time in star wars but he then finds another problem that stands in his way

dragons and lions clash

lego knights animation

Lego productions

All about a lego lights man with a gun...

Lego Men

First film of lego star wars

Lego Star Wars The Battle Of Corucant

Hope you enjoy this was an animation I did a few mounths ago just didn't upload it to youtube, hope you like it

Atlantic Fight

A scorpion comes and attacks earth

Lego building

Building comes to life

Prinsessen Og Dragen

En film af Younas, Peter og Mehmet

Nexo Knights - Building ultimate lance

See how to build the epic Lego set Ultimate Lance. From flying jetpack wings to a water cannon and 3 Nexo powers!

The Race - Carpet Battle

The Race - Carpet Battle is a film where two race cars compete against each other in a race. Who will win? A PyleProduction Film


My first proper animation test really, trying to get used to how fast or slow to move things and when to pause.