Create amazing movies
All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.


Spacemen and Alien

Clone Attack

Clone trooper blasts truck

City Of The Daleks

In a city in 1963 the city is destroed by the darlecks And there is an episode called blood of the cybermen

Alien Invasion Episode 1

Here is the first episode of Alien Invasion where Jack and Laurence have a big suprise, maybe even the suprise of their lives. Hope you enjoy the movie!!!

Dan's Star Wars

Daniels first film with ZU3D, age 6

Night and Day

Short clip about what makes night and day

Alien Attack

Five brave astronaughts travel to an unknown world. Only one return...

Alien Comes to Earth

This is my school Space project.

Alien Invasion by HM and ND

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Alien Invasion Episode 3

Here is the third episode of Alien Invasion where Jack and Laurence have a chance to escape but you have to watch it to find out if they escape or if they get caught. Hope you enjoy!!!

Alien Audition

This dude doesn't stand a chance of getting the part with this audition...

Alien Invasion Episode 2

Here is the next episode of Alien Invasion where Jack and Laurence are taken to the alien base but you will have to watch to find out what happens next. Hope you enjoy!!!

The Adventures of Blob

This is the first episode of ''The Adventures Of Blob''. Here Blob meets a strange creature that's all green.

The Yoda-Phone!

"Help You I Can!" . . . Mobile phone advert produced by Year 13 pupils at St.Leonard's Durham as part of their BTEC studies.

Dan's Space Battles

Dans 2nd film, age 6

The Alien

The alien invades earth and eats a car. The lion comes to the rescue and destroys the alien.

Space in motion

A short stop motion film showing the planets of the solar system in order of size followed by their order by distance from the sun.

Jealous Plant

Man eating plant

Ice Ice Baby

We took a frame every 30 seconds for 2 hours to record every detail of these melting ice cubes!

Alien And The Block

An alien meets a block and has trouble with it.


This is the END!

Cameras Are Not Pets

An alien thinks a camera thats been sent to space by humans is a pet and shows you the aliens world.

Alfie's Science Homework

A brief film about our solar system planets in orbit.

alien invasion

An alien comes down to to earth and tries to destroy Bibs and Bobs


This is my first attempt at making a short film. I have had loads of fun doing this.

Dr Who

Creme Egg meets Dr Who