Create amazing movies
All achievements have their beginning in an idea...

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

Jealous Plant

Man eating plant

Aliens v Humans

This film is about two aliens who meet a human being and dog. They have never met a dog before and are absolutely terrified!!!

Steve And The Moon Alien

Steve is a little robot who is going about his business, when he is chased by an alien. Made at the school animation club.

Wars of Space

This animation is about two aliens having a conflict. They find a potion that turns them into giants and they fight. It ends with the blue alien eating the purple alien.

Life cycle of a bean plant

Time lapse animation

Alien Audition

This dude doesn't stand a chance of getting the part with this audition...

The Space Alien

Spacegirl meets alien

The Human Body

My first project about the human body

Robberies through the ages: The future

The last video of the Robberies through the ages series.


Spacemen and Alien

Save The Bumble Bees

I drew these bees and I animated them to show you how they collect pollen from the flowers. Bees are under threat, plant flowers to save them.

Ice Ice Baby

We took a frame every 30 seconds for 2 hours to record every detail of these melting ice cubes!


Friends meet by a pool but....

Alien Comes to Earth

This is my school Space project.


Aliens invade a park and cause absoloute chaos!!

Dalek Disco

Daleks invade the TARDIS and go Disco... by Ewan (aged 8)

Life Cycle

A first attempt at animating the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Invader Attack

F.B.I agents try to stop an evil alien robot invasion...

Dan's Star Wars

Daniels first film with ZU3D, age 6

Cheeky Alien

Coding set example film.

Droid Dance

The droids dance


A fight between an alien and a spaceman.

The Human Body

My first video. All about the human body.

Space in motion

A short stop motion film showing the planets of the solar system in order of size followed by their order by distance from the sun.

Dr Who

Creme Egg meets Dr Who