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Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

Clone Attack

Clone trooper blasts truck

Steve And The Moon Alien

Steve is a little robot who is going about his business, when he is chased by an alien. Made at the school animation club.

Dr Who

Creme Egg meets Dr Who


The attack!

The Alien

The alien invades earth and eats a car. The lion comes to the rescue and destroys the alien.

Schrodinger's Cat

Educational (Physics). The Quantum Uncertainty Principle made simple: in under 1 minute!


Aliens invade a park and cause absoloute chaos!!

Zog, Tog and Bog

By Joe, Nate & Taran

Eb Hb

My movie is about an alien.

Alien Invasion by HM and ND

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Alien Audition

This dude doesn't stand a chance of getting the part with this audition...

Aliens v Humans

This film is about two aliens who meet a human being and dog. They have never met a dog before and are absolutely terrified!!!


Bobby and the Mysterious Dragon. My second movie.

The Human Body

My first project about the human body

alien invasion by hm and nd

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Alien Love

Its fantastic please watch it thanks x


An alien falls to earth and gets chased by angry sheep, how will he escape?

The fight for the orb

Made entirely by Rhianwe, age 10, the film is about a fight to get hold of the mystical orb, which changes into a scary creature!

Robberies through the ages: The future

The last video of the Robberies through the ages series.

The Space Alien

Spacegirl meets alien


A fight between an alien and a spaceman.

Wars of Space

This animation is about two aliens having a conflict. They find a potion that turns them into giants and they fight. It ends with the blue alien eating the purple alien.

Cameras Are Not Pets

An alien thinks a camera thats been sent to space by humans is a pet and shows you the aliens world.

Alien invasion

A quick animation using play doh