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Lets Animate!

by Karan Dhaliwal and Alex Dhayaa Bancroft's Preparatory School
Published: 21/05/2011

This is our first animation, I hope you like it.

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Comments & Reviews

Princess N

Wow guys really good stuff love the animation and the song I love the bit where the letters spun around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Flower

I really like this animation I think it was fantastic, my favourite bit was when the letters spun around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Ellery

Well done girls, this is superb!

Dancer D

Wow. This is good stuff. Did It take a long time to make something like this? Love the music! Miley Cyrus rules! Keep the movies going girls! Lovely!


i hope you all liked it as i was one of the people who made this at the end i was the one on the left with the glasses please comment and please rate 5star/4star!!!!!!!!!!!!