Zu3D School Multi-Platform Site Licence

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Create amazing animated films quickly and easily, combining an intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features. Educational & fun!

Zu3D was created to allow children (and adults) of all ages to make magical mini-movies quickly and easily.
Zu3D combines a polished intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features, Zu3D combines automatic chroma-keying, unlimited layers of audio and video, exciting titles and advanced drawing tools with an extensive library of sound effects, music, graphics, backgrounds and titles. Unlocking the film-making and storytelling potential in everyone whatever their technical ability.

The Zu3D Multi Platform Site Licence includes:

  • Zu3D on all your school's computers and iPads.
  • A Zu3D licence for all your students at home.
  • Copy of Zu3D Animation Handbook, to help you get started.
  • Access to the Zu3D Lesson Plans.
  • Access to a Zu3D webinar.
  • Advice line to help you turn your idea into a Zu3D Project.
  • Unlimited telephone support.
  • Your own school page on the Zu3D moderated gallery to share your students' creations.