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Eight Line Poem: Video by Me, Song by David Bowie

David Bowie sadly died in January 2016. I've made this video as a tribute. I first created all 3D models and scenes in Poser, then FPS,timeline, multi-layers, chroma keying, plus video and audio synching were all done in Zu3D. (It's an essential video creation tool for adults, too, IMO)!

appear over school

This is the film I made about a dragon appearing over the school

Lego shop ;) !!!!

A man goes to the shop to buy a skate boared !

Music World Part One

A short film with a few more characters this time.

If I Had A Gun

this is the music video for "If I Had A Gun" by Noel Gallagher made by Clara (14) for her English homework

Alien Attack - The Ultimate

Lego astronaughts travel to the moon. Little do they know what awaits them.

Dancing Cat

This funny little cats just loves to dance!


I made this animation during ICT club at Bancroft's prep school.

Poker Face

Play house characters dancing to Poker Face.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

It might be a bit buffery but just pause then play it! Please like and comment!

Cidadania na Escola

Zu3D Competition Entry

Bike Safety

Always wear a helmet!


Experimental film with music and plasticine from jake and matty

James Bond

James Bond is finding clues to find out who broke out of jail.

Cars Crash To Innappropriate Music

It's the benny hill theme tune in case you didn't know

Man in the Jungle1

Man in a jungle

This Little Light of Mine Lyonsdown School 2015

We created this after year 3 sang the song at school. Many pupils have used their talents and had lots of fun working on ideas aand we hope it makes people smile.

The Outrageous Tortoise

A Tortoise terrorising Egypt

The Boggan Family Show Telophone

Weve got more telophones more animation more music more arther and more the boggan family show.

Creatures V Dinosaurs

21st Century Cat production

Lego Annihilation

3 Legomen and a tank invade a military base. Lego Doctor Who coming soon. Enjoy!

The Boggan Family Show The Musical

This is number 4 guys and if you like music and the boggan family then this'll answer your priers .


This is an software test only.


You got a friend

Bring to Life

Bring to life riddles and bring to life rhymes Bring to life stories of magical times Bring to life tales of castles and kings Bring to life wonderful fabulous things Bring to life volcanoes, earthquakes, ice Bring to life clocks, fractions and dice Bring to life spaceships, planets, the sun Then edit, review and show everyone ........... See what you can do in Zu3D - they way it's meant to be!

Robberies through the ages: The future

The last video of the Robberies through the ages series.

The Boggan Family Show The Musical

This is number 4 guys and if you like music and the boggan family then this'll answer your priers .

Show de Rock

Música para curtir e dançar.