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All achievements have their beginning in an idea...


A short film about mermaids! Thank you for watching!

Bella cook

Paper animation

Animal Farm 2014-2015

After reading Animal Farm by George Orwell as a class we created a Clay Animation of the story. The students did the entire production using the plot diagram to make sure they got all the important elements of the story. This was a first time project and it turned out quite well.

How monkey got a tail.

Mingo Mango tales presents How monkey got a tail.

The Great Robbery

A thief steals the queen's jewels

appear over school

This is the film I made about a dragon appearing over the school

Not A Stick

A performance poetry piece by Little Owls watch their imaginations come to life.

The Dragon Who Ate Our School

Year 4 pupils tell the story of the day the dragon came to school

lego museum robbery

Two evil robbers rob the town museum. But see what happens when one of them asks the other to speed up in the getaway car...

The Owl & the Pussy Cat

Owlets class animate the poem of the Owl & the Pussy Cat.

Anansi and the Dwarf

A short animation based on one of the African Anansi stories.


We have written a limerick and set it to this animation. We had fun.

My Snowman has no nose!

Our first attempt... snowman has no nose Morph helps him.

who stole the cookies

a cracked cassette film

My Snowman has no nose!

Our first attempt... snowman has no nose Morph helps him.

Word War 1

It is the battle of words when Bob and Steve go head to head in a super Scrabble showdown.

Alice Finished

Alice in Wonderland- Through the rabbit hole


school literacy homework

The Secret Hideaway

A white world through a secret portal..

3 vs 1 (or The Good Big Wolf and the Three Bad Pigs)

Beatrice, Betty, Eddie, Kaan and Lewie (all age 5) made this with a little help from Sophie.


This is our animation that we have created as a group. It is part of our BTEC Level 3 Media.

Lego City Stories: Pepper Delivers a Pizza

This is a Lego Brickfilm I've made (taking my inspiration from the characters in the "Lego Island" video games).

Lego Ghost Rider

This is the origin of the superhero: Ghost Rider. I had loads of fun making this. The sequel is coming very soon!

Lucy And Poppy

Ocean Disaster

Creepy Movie

Paper Animation

The Alien Wedding2

A wedding for aliens


Scary film

Fire in the Shell's House

Made by Jack and Mala

Black Eagles animation

Watch our quest called The Cayena And The Purple Suns