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Doctor Who - The Dalek Plan

The 12th Doctor and Clara find themselves tangled in a Dalek plan. Plus trailer for next adventure after the credits.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This is my first proper animation. More coming soon!

The Unwanted

It is a funny film full of weirdness and adventure

Good Job (from the maze runner)

From The maze runner, only jut got Zu3D so plz don't judge, more TMR vids coming soon

The magic rocking horse

A girl and a dog find a rocking horse - they have no idea what lies ahead.

Lego Camping

Some men decide to stay a night in the forest. I wonder what will happen there?

Gundam Stop Animation

Non stop animation with music, sound, and yeah...

The fight for the orb

Made entirely by Rhianwe, age 10, the film is about a fight to get hold of the mystical orb, which changes into a scary creature!

Electro's Great Adventure

Electro Green Head has a great adventure.

Hovering Baby

Baby Fall's and Superman saves him...

The lego movie

A robber tries to get away but his car is broken.He needs to build it. When he does his plan fails and the police catch him!

Jurassic Park

The first part of an epic adventure including dinosaurs and other epic fings . It is suitable for children.

Lego Avengers-1

Watch as the Avengers comes in lego version! Brought to you by creaters AlexFulk87 and Evan Johnson.

Island escape

Adventure on an island

Alien Attack

Five brave astronaughts travel to an unknown world. Only one return...

Space Wars

A adventure of a boy who fights evil and takes back the night.

Alien Invasion by HM and ND

a CreePY aLIEn ADvENtUre BEWARe Of the TErribLe dAY oR YoU wiLL Die beWarE

Merry Christmas by Calum

A Playmobil Movie!

Lego adventure

Two adventurers discover the staff of healing

The Death Battle

A pirate adventure

Man vs Monster dun dun deen

A man fighting a monster.

Get him quick

A funny, interesting film about someone sneaky.

Run for your life

Made by Dean, Eddie and Dan


Gundam stop animation, sword fight