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Batman Stuff! First Animation So Just Trying Things Out.

Lego Fight!

A fight!!


Trucos divertidos



polices dont help!

crazy polices|~|crazy,fun

The Lego Police Helicopter.

Building the Lego Police helicopter set using animation.

battle field x NO ONE WILL SURVIVE

please leave a comment below and checkout this youtuber called michael hickox i was inspired by him ;)

Lego Batman Vs Legion Of Doom

Joker,Harley Quinn,Killer Croc and Bane have escaped from Arkham Asylum and formed the Legion Of Doom. Batman has to set out to stop them in the Batbuggy (it will make sense.) Entry to Rebrick Contest.

Lego in Style

First Lego Animation by Lewis Matthews

Lego Coast Guard set build

A time lapse of the Lego Coast Guard set, with a bit of animation in-between and at the end.


There is a really weird fight here between two weird dudes.

old grandpar v hot rod

I love the bit when the person gets on old grandpar

Adventure of T

T has a great adventure!

Dream School

My 3rd movie!


Irom man is lucky!

The Ramp

Lego Crazy Golf

Raiding the Base

Classic Lego Battle between humans and skeletons.


The story of Rapunzel


This is a short animation i made

Lagravis's Journey

Lagravis is on a journey but Crawley, robotic dude, Razcal and king Crominus thought he had complete skill!

Animated Stories: Do what your told

This is a short story with a moral: Do what people tell you to do (as long as it's a grown-up that you know). Please comment and rate!

The space race

This 4-minute thriller will tell you all you need to know about the space race.


This is about a guy who gets attacked by some bad guys and builds a hovercraft to fight them.

What Was That?

Here is my first uploded film please exuse the hands i could not delete them.

Walking Lego Man

I Lego man walking across a desk.

Walking And Falling

My first video ever...comment

Atlantic Fight

A scorpion comes and attacks earth

The New Land Surprise Attack

Some Early stop-motion fun with Ninjagos