New users

If you're new to Zu3D then you can download a free 7-day trial.

Once the 7 days are up you can choose to buy a full licence and we will email you an activation code.

This is the single user version of Zu3D.

Bought a network licence for your school or college?
Please refer to the installation instructions in your confirmation email.

Existing users

Use this download to update your installation of Zu3D.

Please uninstall Zu3D 2.1 before downloading and installing this update.  Your registration details will be retained on your computer after the uninstall. 
If you currently have Zu3D Original (2.1), you can activate a 7 day trial of Zu3D Studio3.

After the trial Zu3D Studio3 will revert to your registered, and updated copy of Zu3D Original.
It is possible to buy an upgrade to Zu3D Studio3 for just the difference in price between the two versions. 

Download Zu3D

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Version 3.0.084 (42.21 MB)
By downloading this file you are agreeing to the
Zu3D terms and conditions.

Download Media Library

>>> Zu3D Media Library<<<
(265 MB)

This is a library of sound effects, background tracks, music, virtual backgrounds, foregrounds and sprites for use with your Zu3D animations.

You must install the Zu3D application before you can install the media library.
This is a large file and will take a long time to download if you do not have a fast internet connection

This audio library includes various pieces of music by Kevin MacLeod. You can also download them and many more tracks from his website:

Any problems..... contact us via the Support Pages.