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Capturing Frames in Zu3D

How to capture frames in Zu3D

Zu3D Introduction

A introduction to Zu3D. This whole film was made using Zu3D Studio3.

Drawing Tools (3)

Using the selection tools to create an animation

Drawing Tools (7)

Importing animated sprites

How to make Rex

How to make your Tyrannosaurus Rex from the modelling clay in your Dinosaurs in Space kit.

Capturing Frames in Zu3D

How to capture frames in Zu3D

Drawing Tools (2)

Using the shape & fill tools, introduction to selection tools

Tutorial - Combining live video with 2D animation

Learn how to enhance your live video by adding 2D animations. This tutorial uses the latest version of Zu3D - Zu3D M

Futher Green Screening (3)

Using the rubber and replacer tools to edit multiple frames at once, using the multi-edit mode.

Advanced Green Screening (2)

Using multiple-keys part 2 - inserting a background.

Bring to Life

Bring to life riddles and bring to life rhymes Bring to life stories of magical times Bring to life tales of castles and kings Bring to life wonderful fabulous things Bring to life volcanoes, earthquakes, ice Bring to life clocks, fractions and dice Bring to life spaceships, planets, the sun Then edit, review and show everyone ........... See what you can do in Zu3D - they way it's meant to be!

Introduction to Drawing Tools

Introduction to using the drawing tools in Zu3D to create a handdrawn animation.

iPad Green Screening

Demo of using the green screening tools on an ipad.

Introduction to green screening (1)

An introduction to using green screening in Zu3D.

How to make Topsy

Learn how to make the Tricerotops using the plasticine and modelling tools in your Dinosaurs in Space Kit.

Advanced Green Screening (3)

Adjusting the edge smoothing for the green screened image.

Advanced Green Screening (4)

Removing green screen (chroma key) effects

Introduction to green screening (2)

Introduction to green screening part 2, importing a foreground.

Drawing Tools (3)

Using the selection tools to create an animation

Advanced Green Screening (1)

Fine tuning the green screening effects and using multiple-keys.

Getting started with Dinosaurs in Space

What to do when you open your Dinosaurs in Space Kit

Further Green Screening (4)

Using the selection tools to adjust the green-screened image, and apply this to multiple frames at once using the multi-edit mode.

Zu3D on the iPad

Zu3D Original streamlined, improved and re-engineered for iOS on the iPad. See what you can do!

Further Green Screening (1)

How to remove the background after you have captured frames. Adjusting the tolerance & and using the 'multi-edit' mode.

Advanced Green Screening (5)

Applying multiple keys across multiple frames using the multi-edit mode.

Further Green Screening (2)

Using the 'rubber' & 'replacer' tools to enhance the green screening effects.

My Dinos in Space

An example film made with the Dinosaurs in Space kit

Drawing Tools (6)

Importing sprites (small images)

Drawing Tools (5)

Using multiple layers of video - adding more animation

Tutorial - Advanced Green Screening

Learn how to add multiple Chroma Keys to remove different colour backgrounds. Use the rubber and replacer tools to refine the image. This tutorial was made in the latest version of Zu3D- Zu3D M