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Equipment Bundle 4 (Computer)

ex. VAT

Zu3D Licence Options:

None, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year or perpetual.


Great value equipment bundle containing everything you need to get animating:

Equipment Bundle 4 Contains:

30 Animation Webcams

Sturdy and flexible ideal for animating

30 Animation Theatres

Cardboard theatre with 4 full colour backgrounds and green foam for green screening

3 boxes of Modelling Clay

Three boxes of modelling clay containing 20 different colured 500g bars of Newplast - the animators' choice for modelling clay

Zu3D School Licence (Optional)

Add a Multi Platform Licence to your bundle to put Zu3D on all your school's computers and iPads and gve students the opportunity to use Zu3D at home.


Bundles for iPads and different numbers of stations are available. Bespoke bundles are also available, please get in touch.