Comments from Zu3D Users

"Zu3D is an intuitive and surprisingly powerful piece of software. It can be tailored to cover all age ranges and abilities. " PC Pro Magazine Jay StansfieldPC [read the the full article]
"Zu3D’s been the best xmas present we ever got him! Am recommending to friends all over." Sue Lewis
"This is great software! If you want creative, intuitive and motivational stop-motion software then look no further. Everything about this software has been very well thought out. My class absolutely love using it." Chris Wild Advanced Skills Teacher (ICT)
"It was really inspirational to see you at Bett, and the Zu3D animation software you produce was the single WOW for me at the show. Fun, funky, highly intuitive and deceptively powerful- with children and high quality learning at its heart." Paul Hutton Teaching and Learning Consultant (ICT), Luton LA
"This software is amazing! I struggle with even the most basic PC tasks but I found Zu3D so fun to use. Fantastic for people who aren't PC literate!" Matthew Jones
"...the best product on the market by a country mile..." Phil Sargeant
"Zu3D is really great software, used it a lot in primary. Really powerful but the user interface is perfectly pitched; child friendly but not dumbed." Dom Breadmore Digital Media Artist
"Whilst the software is powerful, the user interface could not be simpler to handle with well laid out tool bars and preview mode together with a comprehensive help package. The range of applications for this software is limited only by the imaginations of the users... ...Zu3D is a very well designed piece of software which will enhance and motivate pupils in a variety of different ways and contribute enormously to both their learning and understanding in an interesting and fun way...." Edward Walsh Key Stage 2 Co-Ordinator [read the the full article]
"ZU3D is the Best!" Naome Watershire
"Zu3D is a joy to use with my Y3 children. Clear and easy to understand, but with advanced features which would make it equally at home in any secondary school" Sam Paechter Boffin Projects Ltd
"......I believe that animation is an engaging way of stimulating children in a number of curricular areas and the ZU3D software offers the opportunities to access this exciting medium in a simple and fun way....... " Matt Evans ICT Teacher [read the the full article]
"The most fun and the most useful training I have had for ages was one hour spent playing with this - I am really looking forward to using this with students aged 12-120! Fabulous, easy to use and fun software." Guy Osborn ICT Teacher, St. John's Catholic Comprehensive Gravesend
"Outstanding interface for students. Powerful features, including onion skinning, sounds, and titling, make this a worthwhile application for teaching younger students. I tried it with 10-13 year olds and they enjoyed it very much. Thanks for such a thoughtful product!" Jerry Jaco Tech Coordinator, Holy Angels School, Arcadia, CA, US
"Great fun for all ages and abilities!!" Hugo Andrews Student
"My sister bought me a animation camera for xmas and i had been messing and testing it for a few days, I made a proper film with help of the the tutorial and it was amazing!!!!"" Roisin
"Close to being the only media creation suite needed!" Tim Brook Creative Media Director St Felix Middle School
"I have and still am enjoying working with this software it is very easy to understand and you can put together your own animated movie in seconds." Patrick Johnson
"We bought our then 8 year old son Zu3D for Christmas 2011. He was thrilled and his enthusiasm has lasted all year. He created his own animation films and posted them to YouTube for his friends to enjoy. He's currently working on his own version of Macbeth for a school project. As a parent it's been great as he has been able to work with Zu3D and learn and grow with it- without my guidance and now is teaching his brother." Liz Foreman Whitstable, Kent
"ZU3D has really inspired our pupils!" Dawn Pooley Ashdell Preparatory School
"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your boss for being so helpful and accommodating. It makes a pleasant change to receive such great customer service. My son loves using his Zu3D and I'm far happier that he's making animations with plasticine models for hours on end rather than playing on computer games!" Janet
"Started off using a range of animation software, but got to say that I use Zu3D pretty much all of the time now, far and away the best product on the market." Martin Bailey Animate to Educate
"I'm impressed with this software, it is very intuitive" Mr P Fisher
""The rig removal and green screen features are amazing!"" Dan Cheeseman
"He really loves this software & I am delighted with the interest he has taken in creating animations. Also, 10/10 for your support -it is appreciated" CH
"I am a stopmotion filmmaker and for the past 41 years I have used a 16mm camera for my animation. I have been looking for a program to help my 10 year old grandson with his school work. I have looked at all of the animation programs out in cyber space,but I have to say your program beats them all. Even the pro software has had to upgrade their programs to keep up with yours.Looking foward to using ZU3D with my grandson Zach." Harrison
"My teacher started teaching us how to use this software and I loved it so much I got it for christmas!!!" Kaitlyn
"Thank you for making my interaction with your company such a positive one I shall not hesitate to recommend your software to the parents of the hordes of 10 year olds currently admiring it upstairs!!" Anna Pike Parent