Create amazing movies
Animation software, with sound effects & green-screening... for children, adults and schools.

Zu3D has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the freedom to create magical mini movies quickly and easily, in school and at home.

Combining an intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features, Zu3D unlocks the film-making and storytelling potential of everyone!

  • Features

  • Capture images from webcam
  • Speed up and slow down your film
  • Playback your film at any time
  • Delete frames at any time
  • Onion Skinning (unlimited layers)
  • Import sound effects and music
  • Record narration
  • Unlimited layers of audio
  • Extended library of sound effects and music
  • Titles and Credits
  • Import video
  • Import images
  • Export as MP4
  • Upload to the Zu3D online gallery
  • Timelapse
  • Speech bubbles
  • Automatic green-screening / chroma Key
  • Create hand drawn animations
  • Draw onto captured frames
  • Rig-removal / magic rubber
  • Unlimited layers of video
  • Remote Camera App (iOS devices)

Have a look at the features in more detail here

Zu3D Trial

Download Zu3D on your PC, Mac or iPad for free and start making your own mini-movies. Take a look at our tutorial videos to help you get started.

The Zu3D Animation Kits

Boxed Zu3D software and equipment. Everything you need to get started. Makes a great gift! 

Zu3D Animation Kit

Zu3D Animation Kit

Everything you need to get animating on one computer (also includes iPad Licence).

$49.95inc VAT
Zu3D Animation Kit - iPad Only

Zu3D Animation Kit - iPad Only

Everything you need to get started animating using an iPad.

£24.59inc VAT

Zu3D at School

Zu3D is used in thousands of schools around the world, bringing their classrooms to life; engaging students, making learning fun and all with a powerful end result! Zu3D is not just about the computing curriculum, it can be used to enhance any subject area with cross curricular benefits all round. Take a look at one of our lesson plans here.

Zu3D School Multi-Platform Site Licence

Zu3D School Multi-Platform Site Licence

The Zu3D Multi-Platform Site Licence puts Zu3D on all the computers and iPads in your school, plus access to Zu3D for students at home.

ex. VAT