Zu3D Coding Resources

Let students explore computational thinking and coding in a fun and approachable way with Zu3D. Meet the computing curriculum objectives by creating animations!
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Zu3D Coding Resources - Description

The Zu3D coding resources allows students to follow and develop algorithms to create animated films. This gives students the opportunity to enhance their computational thinking and coding skills in a fun, accessible and 'non-scary' way. Students follow instructions (the algorithm) that tell them where to move their characters. They capture a frame with each movement. At the end of the algorithm they will have created a complete film. Students can then compare their film to the master film and see if they have followed the algorithm correctly. The animated film should match exactly, if it doesn't students will need to work out where and why they have gone wrong (detecting and correcting errors). Students can then create their own film step by step, recording each instruction thus creating their own algorithm for other children to follow.

(Animation theatre not included)