Helen Animate's Tips 

Hi! I’m Helen Animate. I run animation workshops all over the UK teaching people how to make fantastic films. I also love to write and my latest book Animation Studio has some great ideas to get you started on your animated adventures.
I have teamed up with Zu3D to bring you my top tips on film making, from character crafting to storyboarding sketching. Get inspired and bring your ideas to life!
Designing your Characters
Have you ever wanted to come up with a new character but had no idea where to start? Take a look at the first of Helen’s Animation Tips on creating characters. Download the template and get designing!
 Creating your character in 2D
Learn how to cut out your character from paper or card, choose which hinge method you are going to use to animate your character. Download the instructions here.
 Planning your story
In this worksheet I explain how to create a storyboard of your animation. Download the instructions and storyboard template here.  
 Start animating!
Here I tell you how to create your scene and start animating. Download my instructions here.