Zu3D is used in thousands of schools across the world, its simple intuitive interface makes it suitable for early years and primary school children, whilst the powerful features means it provides secondary school and college students with the tools to create mini-movies quickly and easily.
Our mind map shows what Zu3D can bring to your school.
Our Multi-Platform Site Licence is tailor-made for schools and educational organisations, it allows Zu3D to be installed on all their PCs, Macs and iPads, as well as allowing students to install Zu3D at home. A one year licence costs just £99 and longer licence terms are available. Visit the Zu3D Shop for more information and pricing, or give us a call on 033 3344 5471 to discuss options. Network installation is easy with our network enabler and iPad Licence Server.
Visit our Zu3D in Action Page to find out how schools and other organisations are using Zu3D. 
Zu3D can be used across the curriculum and here we give you some ideas of how animation can be used to enhance and explore, evaluate and explain different subjects.  Take a look at our Zu3D Coding Resources to see how you can introduce your students to coding by writing and interpreting algorithms in a fun non-scary way.

  • Literacy

  • Maths

    • Illustrate mathematical concepts such as fractions and division,
    • Exploring 3D shapes and directions.
    • The use of maths can enhance pupils' film making ability
      • For example: If my audio clip is 5.3 seconds long and I am filming at 15 frames per second, how many frames do I need to take to cover the duration of the sound
    • Animate counting rhymes

  • Art & Design

    • Film production
    • Painting and drawing backgrounds
    • Building 3D backgrounds
    • Creating characters and props
    • Making choices about materials
    • Commenting and reviewing others ideas, approaches and methods
    • Animation is Art! -Art departments in a number of secondary schools are using Zu3D to explore animation as an art in its own right

  • Music

  • IT

    • Through learning the basic skills involved in making an animation you cover a good part of the ICT curriculum.
    • Exchanging and sharing information 
    • Share films safely on the Zu3D website to a potential audience of millions
    • Assessment for learning-Use the feedback from the website to make a better film next time

  • Geography, History, Science, RE, MFL & PSHE

  • Cross Curricular

    • The creation of a two minute animation can cover a large area of the curriculum
    • Making backgrounds, characters and props
    • Planning and Storyboarding
    • Making Choices and Problem solving
    • Composing and recording sounds effects and music
    • Review, evaluate and improve